Kid Parties

By Admin | Tuesday 1 November 2011 4:40 pm

We are Gluten-Free Angels who are here to protect your child and his/her digestive system with yummy, nourishing gluten-free meals. We are called on by a higher order to give you whatever your heart desires; no order too tall, no task too small. We eat gluten-free, too and here’s a taste of what we do…


We know how hard it is to eat the right stuff,

how many things you had to give up.

So, we have been busy developing new treats

with lots of good ingredients and even some sweets.

We know you might have been feeling down

but we’re here to turn that frown upside-down.

We have so many delicious recipes to share

to show you how much we really care.

We’d love to come inside your home

and show you that you’re not alone.

There are many gluten-free people you see

who are super awesome, just like you and me!

Bye-Bye gluten, that’s ok

we’ll bake some yummy treats that will make your day.

There’s something special about us, it’s true

that gives us a chance to try something new.

Whether it’s your birthday or another big day,

put on your apron…there’s gluten free pizza and cupcakes to be made.

Invite your friends and family, too

for a fun time making and eating delicious gluten-free food!!!


Mona & Lanie

Your gluten-free angels


The GF angels invite you and your friends to experience a heavenly fun, creative and interactive gluten-free baking extravaganza.

Birthday Gluten-Free Party Menu:

Package Includes:

  • Apron and chef’s hat for guests
  • Roll out and design individual pizzas with choice of toppings
  • Decorate cupcake for Cupcake Tower

(Please note that all food items can accommodate multiple food sensitivities such as dairy, eggs, nuts, soy and yeast)

Host receives a personalized picture video of the special day


Other Offerings:

Have a gluten-free guardian angel take you and your child under her wings. Make it a fun, smooth and healthy transition with a positive focus on the foods you ‘CAN’ have.

Package Includes:

  • Kitchen Make-Over (includes re-stocking pantry, refrigerator, and spice rack)
  • Shopping Tour
  • Tips on Hidden Sources of Gluten
  • How to Prevent Cross-Contamination
  • Tips on Dining Out

* Special included in Price: Two Cooking Classes with Recipes *


Pizza Party!